Getting ready for Winter

Another pool winterized. This one took 3 visits to complete.

Upon the first visit I found the pool pretty green and in need of chemical balance and shocking. I added 8 kg of alkalinity to attain 80 ppm and then I added chlorine pucks and shock. I returned 4 days later to backwash, add more alkalinity and shock as chlorine level was low and pool was not clear. I also put in a clarifying agent to aid in clearing pool.

At this time I was also able to fill all the water bags and place around pool. three days later I was also to vacuum the pool and finalise the process.

I put a skimmer plug on face of skimmer to prevent water from entering it throughout the winter. I then blew the return and skimmer lines out and plugged them. I installed a Gizmo and antifreeze in the skimmer to protect the skimmer from freezing and cracking in the event water was able to get in there in the winter.

All that was left was to place the cover on and place the water bags on it to secure it.

An option and highly recommended is to put a cover pump on it to automatically pump excess water off the cover when it reaches a certain level.