Pool Maintenance

Swimming pool and Hot Tub cleaning and maintenance services means cleaning, caring for and attending to the upkeep of your swimming pools and Hot Tubs. Beemer Pools provides top class maintenance service to pools and Hot tubs and their equipment. Our services are of a very high standard and we provide you with quality delivery and service. The proper maintenance of your swimming pool, either done yourself or by a professional company like ours, can be the difference between what seems to be a clean pool and one that really is clean!

Hot Tub Maintenance

We are here to help with any hot tub servicing, including winterization and draining services. Instead of worrying about the complex, comprehensive repair and maintenance that goes along with your hot tub, see how we can help you with your hot tub maintenance?

Spring Opening and Cleaning

In spring we can get the pool ready for swimming by removing the winter cover, brushing the pool, shocking the pool, vacuuming the pool and giving the equipment a general service to establish everything is working correctly.


In winter we can close your pool down by vacuuming the pool, removing any debris, shocking the pool, adding winter algaecide, fitting your winter cover (if you have one) and draining down all of the plant equipment. The key to having a clean pool in the spring is to properly winterize it, so it pays to get the experts in to do it for you.

Equipment Repair

Through the years your swimming pool gives you hours of leisure and fun. Occasionally the pool may need some time and expertise spent on it. Beemer Pools can repair and refurbish all types of swimming pools. From under water lights, filter service, new pumps to a new liner, we are pleased to help.

Salt and UV Pools Systems

At Beemer Pools we’ve installed both Salt and UV systems for our customers. We also maintain and repair these systems. Please contact us directly regarding either of these sytems and we can further explain the current Canadian guidelines regarding these systems.