Hot Weather tips

Well with this hot water that we have been having lately, it is a good practise to shock your pool every Sunday Evening as the weekend winds down.

If your pool sees a lot of activity during the week it is good practise to keep an eye on the chlorine and Ph levels. If the Ph fluctuates either higher or lower than normal, your chlorine can become ineffective even though you get a good reading.

The sun can consume the chlorine very fast on these hot days, so the stabilizer should also be within range 30 – 50 PPM. Higher reading than this can also lower the efficiency of the chlorine.

Do not keep your solar cover on for days at time or the pool will sprout algae very fast and this can cut into your swimming time. Your pool needs to breathe fresh air, just like you and I.  Once algae begins to form in the pool, the expense of operating a pool becomes expensive, because of added chemicals to combat problem and also perhaps a service call to correct situation.